Standard Design Paschal Candles


Liturgical Year

Candle Colour *

We are excited to be transitioning from a nominal 10% beeswax blend to a premium 25% beeswax blend.
This organic improvement in quality will attract an extra 10% to the base cost of the candle.
Whilst stocks last you may still order 10% beeswax blend at the same price as white candles.

Position of Image *

We recommend positioning the image slightly below centre as a good balance between aesthetics and burning time. Alternatively select “Custom position” and indicate how many centimetres you would like the lowest part of the image/banding from the base of the candle (in the Additional Instructions box).

Decorative Banding (optional)

Enhance your paschal candle with full wrap colour bands above and below the “Alpha” and “Omega” characters.
Or add embossed metallic gold wax trim for an extra glorious finish.

Additional Instructions

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Standard Design Paschal Candles

White or bees wax blend

54 x 600mm

74 x 380mm

74 x 600mm

74 x 900mm

94 x 600mm

94 x 900mm

We can also provide the following additional sizes and lengths

Diameter, mm
54, 64, 74, 94, 102, 127

Length, mm
380, 600, 900, 1400

If you require a size not listed, place your order using the closest size listed and note the actual size required in the additional information section.  We will email you with an actual cost for your size.

100% Australian made.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Icon Cross, Alleluia Lamb, Risen Christ, Raphael Cross, Angelico Cross, Fleur-de-Lis Cross, Celtic Cross, Celtic Cross, Green, Flourish Cross


54x600mm, 74x380mm, 74x600mm, 74x900mm, 94x600mm, 94x900mm

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