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We are particularly excited about our Confirmation candles believing them to be a totally unique concept in Sacramental Candles – a candle which is not only totally personalised to the Confirmand but also to their chosen patron.

We firstly personalise a candle, with the recipient’s new full name, including their chosen saint’s name, their sponsor, the conferring priest or bishop and the parish along with the highest quality image available of the patron saint.  On the reverse is  a beautiful prayer appropriate to that particular saint’s charisms and basic details regarding the saint, which helps to foster within the Confirmand a devotion to their patron saint.

Alternately we have a selection of beautiful Holy Spirit images and prayers suitable for both personalised and nonpersonalised Confirmation candles.

Our Personalised Confirmation Candles typically include:
Child’s Full Name (include patron saint eg Connor Joseph John Hartigan)
Full name of Saint (eg St John of God)
Date of Confirmation
Priest/Bishop’s Name
Church Name and Suburb



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