About Us

Our candles are premium quality, long burning, Australian, hand-made candles which are decorated by a process which incorporates the printing into the wax surface of the candle, providing a smooth seamless finish which is durable and does not peel, crack or chip.

Our candles are set apart from other suppliers firstly because all our original designs are created by professional graphic designers with many years experience.

Secondly, we specialise in Christian candles that are designed for the Glory of God and reflect our desire to do His work in the best manner possible.  Many of our designs feature quality historical artwork in rich clarity to compliment the fullness and beauty of life in the Church.  Our candles are the ideal gifts or keepsakes for all liturgical occasions.

Thirdly, we specialise in special orders, having decorated candles up 900mm tall and 160mm thick.
We have been supplying major religious goods stores throughout the country for a number of years and  have now supplied candles to all the continents of the world (the inhabited ones that is) and all over Australia from Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral to Mt Buller Alpine Chapel.

We have a popular standard range of candles for all the sacraments but more importantly we can PERSONALISE any of our standard range for your parish or even for every recipient.

Along with our unique Paschal Candle range we  also create special candles for Parish Commemorations eg Centenaries,  Priestly and Religious Jubilees, Patron Saint candles, Lenten/ Prayer/ Parish Groups and Praesidiums and to celebrate universal and national Liturgical Years ie the recent Year of  Faith.

We believe our work is unique in the Australian Church.  We are  a family based partnership that desires to use our talents to supply the Church with the very best items possible at a most affordable cost.