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The most anticipated, most celebrated Sacrament in the lives of two people is drawing near.  You want a personalised set of wedding candles for the unity candle ceremony that will make a special keepsake and you want something that beautifully expresses the sacredness and uniqueness of the relationship entered into.  Christian Marriage is more than an expression of love between a man and woman – it is two individuals becoming one person.

Sacred Candles have supplied wedding candles for ceremonies all over Australia and the world. Scroll down to view our extensive range or contact us for further customisation or to request a unique design to compliment your wedding stationery or theme.

Our Personalised Wedding Candles typically include:
Bride and Groom’s Christian Names
Date of Wedding
Church Name and Suburb
Priest’s Name
Bride’s Family (for unity set)
Groom’s Family (for unity set)

You may not wish to include all the above items, in which case leave that line of the order form blank.
Refer to the following pages for alternative images and layouts.

THE LIGHTING OF THE UNITY CANDLE:  The family candles are lit by representatives of each family symbolising their love and allegiance not only for the bride or groom but also for the pledge they make this day.  If in the Church, they light their candle from the Paschal Candle – the candle of Christ who has shown us how to love by laying down His life for His bride the Church.  The family candles remain burning throughout the ceremony, as their support also remains throughout life.  From their family candle, the couple bring the light of Christ through their family to their own unity candle, symbolising the new family formed by their union.

Be advised that the candles should not be placed on the altar but on some other suitable table or stand.
At the Church, the lighting should be conducted outside of actual the Rite of Marriage, most usually at the close of the liturgy, just before the final blessing and recessional.
It is often preferred that the candle lighting to be performed at the reception, perhaps at the time of grace before the meal.

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