A new Paschal candle is lit every year from blessed Easter fire at the beginning of the Easter Vigil with the ‘Light of Christ’ then processing into a darkened Church. This candle is lit at all ceremonies Masses during the Easter Season and then throughout the year on special occasions, such as baptisms and funerals. The Paschal candle is an ancient tradition dating back to earliest Christianity and the poetic and solemn text of the ‘Exultet’, the Easter Proclamation describes it is as ‘a pillar of fire that glows to the honour of God’. We have a wide variety of Paschal Candle options and can offer personalised designs and parish names to candles. A very special hand crafted gold wax banding and framing is also available, which lifts your paschal candle to an even more beautiful level.

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Premium Design Paschal Candles

These designs come with matching colour banding above and below. A further very special upgrade option is to add raised embossed gold embellishment to the banding for a most glorious premium finish.


A specially enhanced version of Raphael’s La Disputa which incorporates the risen Christ in the Trinity, Our Lady and John the Baptist along with the Blessed Sacrament. This is set on a brocade style background within an arched frame of stars.

Fra Angelico

Incorporating the Cross, in rich illuminated manuscript colours and fleur-de-lis banding of medieval styling is a unique combination of details from two separate paintings by Fra Angelico, the great 15th century Monk and Master.


This classic style image of Christ, All Powerful is a stunning portrayal of the Saviour as majestic teacher, on his book the alpha and omega – the first and the last – the great “I AM”. This icon is enhanced by a gold leaf style background and ornate banding and medieval cross.

Divine Mercy

Our Lord promised salvation to all who would venerate the image of His Divine Mercy.  Our unique version is paired with a Cross with rays that are red for blood and blue for water, symbolising the Sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism.  The banding is  jewel coloured illuminated manuscript.