Personalised Confirmation Candle


Premium quality
25cm high x 5.4cm diameter

Personalised Details

Provide all the PERSONALISED details exactly as they are to appear on the candle ie.
Full confirmation name
Celebrant (optional)
Church Name & Suburb
Sponsor’s Names
(please use Upper and Lower case letters)

For patron saint designs please also list which saint to feature as the image.

Back of Candle *

Please choose what you would like on the back of you candle
(refer to product images for prayer wording)


We offer a range of extras to help ensure
your candle is just how you want.
Colour matched satin ribbons are attached
around the base of the candle.
If you would like the design of the candle changed
check the box and include your instructions
in the additional comments box below.
We can also include a photo image on the candle.
Please email your photo by replying
to your order confirmation email.
We will contact you to confirm timing if you select “Urgent Order Fee”.

Additional Information

Customer Approval *


Premium quality personalised confirmation candle

Choose from standard designs or select your own patron saint image.

Also includes a prayer to the Holy Spirit or patron saint on the back of the candle.

Regular Size
25cm high x 5.4cm diameter

Large Size (additional cost applies)
25cm high x 7.4cm diameter

Choose from the following Satin Ribbon colours:
Gold, Silver, Pink, light Blue and Ivory



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

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