If you have looked elsewhere at baptism candles you may notice about our range is notable for their elegant,classic design. We do not offer a selection of garish computer clip art but rather a choice of our own originaly created banded cross which is available in pink, blue, gold and silver or a reproduction of some of the most beautiful inspirational artworks in the world. Our candles are not only a special memento for your child to treasure through the years. By being an intrinsic part of the Baptism Rite where they are blessed by the priest, they become a ‘Sacramental’ of the Church which elevates them above their normal nature. So you’ll have to look elsewhere for booties or teddy bears! Instead if you make a classic artwork their ‘own’ it will give them joy to discover it anew throughout their life.

FULLY PERSONALISED CANDLES:  Choose from our existing designs or for a small additional fee, supply your own photo or have us create you a totally customised candle to suit your requirements.

We offer a large discount on additional identical duplicate candles which make great gifts for godparents and grandparents.

Our exciting new Vintage Range are now available!
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Our personalised candles typically include:
Child’s Name
Date of Birth
Date of Baptism
Priest’s Name
Church Name
You may not wish to include all the above items, in which case leave that line of the order form blank.
Refer to the following pages for alternative images and layouts.

THE LIGHTING OF THE BAPTISM CANDLE:  A typical Catholic Rite of Baptism is as follows:

Scriptural Readings and Homily
Prayer of Exorcism and Anointing Before Baptism
Blessing and Invocation of God over Baptismal Water
Renunciation of Sin and Profession of Faith
Anointing with Chrism

The celebrant takes the Easter (Paschal) candle and says:
Receive the light of Christ.
Someone from the family (such as the father or godfather) lights the child’s candle from the Easter candle.
The celebrant then says:
Parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ. He (she) is to walk always as a child of the light. May he (she) keep the flame of faith alive in his (her) heart. When the Lord comes, may he (she) go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom.

Ephphetha or Prayer over Ears and Mouth (optional)
Next there is a procession to the altar, unless the baptism was performed in the sanctuary. The lighted candle is carried for the child.
Lord’s Prayer
Blessing : The celebrant first blesses the mother, who holds the child in her arms, then the father, and lastly the entire assembly:

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